B2B Programmatic Account-Based Marketing Solutions

Modernize Your B2B Marketing with Our Programmatic ABM Capabilities

We have developed a unique programmatic ABM campaign strategy that has proven to increase brand affinity, lower cost-per-acquisition, and help your B2B clients renew more business accounts. Our team leverages the most advanced technology and B2B data sets to help you onboard your CRM data, engage with high-value accounts, and micro-target business professionals by job title to reduce media waste while increasing ROI.

Beyond enhancing the way in which you target your B2B audience online, we help B2B marketers personalize their ad experience using dynamic creative optimization (DCO) technology and offer customized reporting for accurate, transparent, and comprehensive programmatic ABM campaign measurement. Whether you are a technology, SaaS, professional services, finance, or other B2B brand, we have the depth of experience you need to take your B2B advertising to the next level.

PrograMetrix Capabilities

Increase quality lead generation through Programmatic ABM

Dynamic creative optimization helps improve ROI

Access Leading B2B Ad Tech

Integrate industry leading advertising technology customized for B2B and access third-party data from B2B platforms like LiveRamp, Linkedln, Bombora, Ziff Davis, HG Data, and D&B

Programmatic advertising RTB agency specialists

B2B Data Activation

Onboard CRM data and segment audiences in our DMP to target your B2B audience by account, product/service interest, job title, business IP address & technographic signals

Omnichannel programmatic media reporting dashboard

Programmatic ABM Reporting

Leverage our proprietary campaign optimization techniques and measure the performance of your programmatic ABM campaigns through a customized, 24/7 reporting dashboard

Our Technology Stack

LiveRamp is the leading provider of CRM data onboarding technology
Bombora is a leading data provider for B2B marketers
Ziff Davis provides powerful B2B advertising data
LinkedIn advertising agency campaign management
PrograMetrix Seattle Programmatic Advertising partner theTradeDesk

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