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Performance Driven Paid Search Advertising Services

With decades of experience managing paid search advertising campaigns in Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, we help brands and agencies navigate the rapid changes within paid search advertising to improve results while tapping into new areas of opportunity.

Our proprietary keyword and ad copy optimization techniques have been proven to generate higher click-through and conversion rates for our clients. We continuously look to innovate by testing new and emerging search advertising tactics like Gmail, voice, and visual search. It’s imperative to work with a partner that excels at integrating programmatic and paid search campaigns to nurture prospective customers down the marketing funnel while measuring attribution between both channels to consistently optimize your media mix.

PrograMetrix Capabilities

Innovative keyword and ad copy optimization for paid search advertising

Omnichannel programmatic media reporting dashboard

Advanced Keyword Optimization

Leverage keyword planning solutions, competitive research tools, and bid/budget management technology to optimize towards top performing keywords in real-time

Target your programmatic ads to custom audience segments

Data-driven Ad Copy Development

Innovative ad copy and ad extension development with a proven, data-driven framework for split testing search ads to continuously improve ad performance

Dynamic creative optimization helps improve ROI

Cross-Channel Campaign Management

Develop custom strategies for each search advertising platform that complement your programmatic campaigns to maximize omnichannel performance

Our Technology Stack

Google Ads platform helps advertisers manage PPC campaigns
Bing Ads paid search advertising platform
Yahoo! Gemini paid search advertising platform
Amazon advertising provides voice advertising capabilties
Marin software provides cross-channel paid search advertising solutions

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