Campaign Management for Programmatic Display Advertising

Next-Level Audience Targeting for Your Programmatic Display Campaigns

At PrograMetrix, programmatic display advertising is our core competency. We integrate market-leading demand-side platforms (DSPs), data management platforms (DMPs), and private marketplace (PMP) technology to give our clients access to the best ad tech and audience targeting capabilities on the market.

Our team of programmatic experts has the insider knowledge to help you precisely target your static, HTML5 animated, and rich media display ads on premium websites with brand-safe inventory. Our expertise and proprietary optimization strategies help our brand and agency clients achieve unprecedented ROI from their programmatic advertising initiatives.

Our Display Advertising Services

Target your programmatic ads to custom audience segments

Advanced Ad Targeting Tactics

We leverage cross-device, behavioral, and contextual ad targeting with a wide variety of retargeting tactics plus look-alike modeling, custom site lists, and more

Dynamic creative optimization helps improve ROI

Test Variations of Ad Creative

We help our clients test several versions of display creative, from static to rich media assets such as floating ads, expandable units, and interstitials

Omnichannel programmatic media reporting dashboard

Brand Safety Guaranteed

To ensure our clients’ ads are only placed on premium websites, we use leading brand safety technology and develop proprietary whitelists and blocklists to eliminate media waste and ad fraud

Our Technology Stack

Take programmatic advertising to the next level with The Trade Desk DSP platform
Google Ads platform helps advertisers manage PPC campaigns
Sizmek is an ad tech leader with advanced contextual targeting capabilities
LiveRamp is the leading provider of CRM data onboarding technology
DoubleVerify is the leading technology provider for brand safety capabilities

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