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Advanced Targeting Across Digital & Streaming Audio Platforms

Our team of ad tech insiders have been specializing in digital audio campaign management since Pandora and Spotify started monetizing their applications with ad impressions. With the advancement of programmatic technology, we help you activate your first-party data to remarket your audience and reach new prospective customers using third-party data segments on digital audio buys. We also make it easy for you to test and optimize your digital audio campaigns across desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices with the same precision and reporting capabilities as your programmatic display campaigns. We manage campaigns across Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud, iHeart Radio, and over 200+ streaming audio providers while avoiding contracts, long-term commitments, and minimum media spend requirements.

PrograMetrix Capabilities

Enhance digital audio targeting and performance

Target your programmatic ads to custom audience segments

Powerful Digital Audio Targeting

Target your audio ads programmatically by age, gender, location, musical taste, and first and third-party data across leading streaming audio providers

Dynamic creative optimization helps improve ROI

Optimized Audio Ads

Capture the attention of your audience by serving compelling audio, video, companion banner, native, and sponsorship ad units across audio platforms

Omnichannel programmatic media reporting dashboard

Real-time Reporting & Analytics

Optimize digital audio campaigns using click, completion rate, viewability and conversion metrics as you do with display and video campaigns

Our Technology Stack

Improve the performance of your Pandora programmatic audio campaigns
Our agency specializes in Spotify Advertising campaign management
Improve the performance of your IHeartRadio digital audio campaigns
Run better programmatic audio campaigns on SoundCloud
Take programmatic advertising to the next level with The Trade Desk DSP platform

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