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Our team is leading the industry in helping brands and agencies understand what’s possible with connected TV advertising and developing a media plan strategy that helps our clients execute targeted and measurable advanced TV campaigns. We make it easy for our clients to leverage first and third-party data, look-alike models, and cross-device targeting tactics to engage with high value audiences on the big screen with no minimum media commitments or long-term contracts. We provide targeted access to your audience wherever they engage with on-demand video, including Roku, Sling, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, DirecTV Now and other emerging OTT devices.

PrograMetrix Capabilities

Innovative, scalable, and measurable CTV advertising

Target your programmatic ads to custom audience segments

Advanced Audience Targeting

Target your video ads at the household level on the big screen using first and third-party data, device targeting, look-alike models and time of day settings

Programmatic advertising RTB agency specialists

Target Specific TV Content

Access private marketplace CTV inventory where you know your audience lives including CBS, CNN, NBC, Fox, ESPN, Bloomberg, A+E, Discovery, and more

Omnichannel programmatic media reporting dashboard

Measurement & Attribution

Measure CTV advertising using cross-platform metrics like video completion rates (VCRs), gross rating points (GRPs) and conversions to quantify success

Our Technology Stack

OTT advertising on Roku devices helps you improve CTV performance
Target your digital video ads to users on Sling TV OTT advertising inventory
Target your OTT commercials to engaged audiences using Hulu advertising capabilities
Target your OTT commercials to users on Apple TV connected devices
Target your OTT ads to Amazon Fire TV devices

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