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The emergence of the legal cannabis industry in the United States has long been a controversial topic in the business world. As more and more states legalize the sale of cannabis across the country, the rest of the mainstream business world is taking notice and starting to see the long-term health and economic impact of this incredible industry.

As cannabis companies in states like Colorado, Washington and California start to emerge as market leaders, it is a race to establish top brands that can grow into nationally recognized businesses. The only problem is, cannabis brands do not have the same access to marketing and advertising solutions to help grow their businesses as mainstream advertisers. With all of the red tape in the cannabis industry, brands have to look for every competitive advantage they can get in order to differentiate themselves from the rest of the industry.

Currently, cannabis display advertising is limited to buying banner ads direct on local publishers that accept cannabis ads or industry specific content from websites like High Times, Culture and Dope Magazine. New and developing technologies, such as MANTIS, allow for automated inventory buying but those impressions are only targeting the “cannabis connoisseur” and not the more widespread customer-base that spans across all demographics of customers. Cannabis brands need to be marketing like Fortune 500 companies and using the same technologies that can help increase awareness and drive bottom-line growth.

PrograMetrix Capabilities

Target your audience using enterprise level technology & enhance your marketing performance

Programmatic advertising RTB agency specialists

Site Visitor Remarketing

Keep your brand top of mind by remarketing to your website visitors as they browse and consume content across the web

Target your programmatic ads to custom audience segments

Display Prospecting

Reach your audience on local and national websites to prospect for new customers and increase your brand awareness

Omnichannel programmatic media reporting dashboard

Mobile Geofencing

Engage your audience in real-time at specific locations by serving mobile banners ads to users browsing their favorite apps

Our Technology Stack

Good Harvest allows brands and marketers to find and attract qualified segments of cannabis consumers through data-led shopper marketing
SafeReach is a cannabis and hemp friendly programmatic advertising platform
MANTIS is a market leading cannabis advertising network
Take programmatic advertising to the next level with The Trade Desk DSP platform
Factual is the leading provider of mobile geofence and location-based targeting

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