Forward-Thinking Audience & Data Management Services

Create Custom Audience Segments & Manage Your Data Securely

As a data-driven programmatic agency, we help our clients take control of their data by centralizing data management and empowering our clients with access to a turn-key Data Management Platform (DMP). We help our clients build high value custom audience segments by integrating offline, online, CRM, first and third-party, website, and private second-party data.

With all of this data available to brand marketers, it’s critical to use the right data at the right time to enhance your digital advertising performance. With cross-device advertising expertise, we help our clients understand how different devices and audience targeting data influence a customer’s path to purchase. Our clients have peace of mind knowing our data management services come with built-in policy controls to ensure the safety and privacy of your confidential data at all times.

PrograMetrix Capabilities

Strategically onboard, organize, and segment first and third-party data

Programmatic advertising RTB agency specialists

Organize & Store Data

Import a variety of data sources into a secure platform for easy storage and access over 50,000 unique behavioral segments across leading third-party data providers

Target your programmatic ads to custom audience segments

Build & Segment Custom Audiences

Leverage your first-party and website conversion data to develop custom, high-value audiences, look-alike models, and identify top performing behavioral segments

Dynamic creative optimization helps improve ROI

Brand Safety & Privacy Controls

Utilize offline to online audience mapping, cleanse first-party data to maximize CRM match rates, and ensure the safety and privacy of your consumers’ data at all times

Our Technology Stack

LiveRamp is the leading provider of CRM data onboarding technology
Bluekai is an industry leading programmatic data provider
comScore brand lift advertising measurement
Drawbridge provides industry leading identity resolution for customer data
Take programmatic advertising to the next level with The Trade Desk DSP platform

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