By on November 8th, 2022

PrograMetrix & WUNDERWORX Launch Partnership to Help Cannabis & CBD Brands Achieve Mainstream Marketing Success

PrograMetrix launches a partnership with WUNDERWORX to help cannabis and CBD brands achieve mainstream marketing success.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - PrograMetrix, a Seattle-based programmatic advertising agency, has partnered with the creative and digital marketing agency WUNDERWORX to better serve emerging and high-growth cannabis and CBD companies. For companies that are entering or reinventing themselves in the cannabis space, the partnership offers a bundle of services to help them get ahead. The new services focus on Branding, Go-To-Market Strategy, Website & App Design, and essential Digital Marketing Solutions, including cannabis-compliant Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, and Paid Advertising (Programmatic, Search, Social).

“There is a huge long-tail of the cannabis industry that is underserved and doesn’t have access to the right marketing solutions,” says Chris Shreeve, Co-Founder of PrograMetrix.

“Through our partnership with WUNDERWORX, we’re helping those emerging cannabis and CBD brands get the right foundation in place so they’re ready to leverage the same strategies, ad tech, and campaign management services that we deliver to Fortune 500 clients.”

Shreeve, who owns multiple dispensaries in the Seattle Washington area, has a vested interest in helping cannabis brands break away from the stigma and achieve mainstream success.

“Our team is on a mission to change the way cannabis and CBD companies market their brands. With WUNDERWORX as a strategic partner, we’re able to provide the guidance and hands-on support that early stage brands need to get a foothold in this competitive market.”

“There are no silver bullets when it comes to marketing. You can't grow and scale by throwing money at paid media - you need a true omni-channel approach,’” says Steve Nolan, Founder and CEO of WUNDERWORX.

“At WUNDERWORX, we believe that having an established brand and website are two of the most valuable assets a start-up can have. We’re proud to be an official PrograMetrix partner, dedicating our team of senior-level cannabis marketing experts to providing best-in-class strategy and services to early stage companies and getting them ready for high-growth.”

About PrograMetrix

PrograMetrix is a Seattle-based programmatic advertising agency serving cannabis and CBD brands alongside Fortune 500 clients. Through strategic partnerships with cannabis industry leaders and the expert use of modern ad tech, PrograMetrix helps clients target known cannabis, CBD, and natural wellness consumers on mainstream websites, mobile apps, and connected devices working across all digital channels to optimize campaign performance and ROI. To learn more, visit


WUNDERWORX is a digital marketing and branding agency that specializes in cannabis. We provide the power of real-time compliant advertising across all devices and media, leveraging geo-spatial audience-building technology, search engine optimization (SEO), blogging and pay-per-click services. Founded in 2020, WUNDERWORX is led by a team of senior experts in the business of cannabis and  e-commerce. Our mission is to build meaningful and lasting relationships between consumers, brands and businesses. To learn more, visit WUNDERWORX.COM.

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