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PrograMetrix Announces Formation of Advisory Board

PrograMetrix advisory board programmatic agency meeting

Our management team is excited to announce the formation of our new Advisory Board that will help shape and guide the growth strategy of PrograMetrix.

As advocates and ambassadors of PrograMetrix—Seattle’s premier programmatic advertising agency—the Advisory Board supports our management team through strategic analysis, consultation, and legal counsel. Our advisors will also assist with product development strategies as we continue to innovate and look to develop our own proprietary technology assets as an agency.

Our strategic committee of trusted advisors includes:

Lacie Edgeman – Lacie is the Director of Finance and Operations at Bonsai Media Group, a Seattle based web development and SEO agency. She has 9 years of experience working with advertising and marketing firms, and 15+ years of experience working in finance. She is an adept professional, experienced at overseeing Fortune 500, regional, and non-profit clients. She will be advising PrograMetrix with its company finance and accounting strategy, risk assessment, pricing strategy, and operations.

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Shane Hunt – Shane is a Partner at consulting firm Altus Alliance, which provides revenue growth services for its clients. Shane is also the Founder of the luxury cycling apparel brand DannyShane, and former President of efelle creative, a leading web design and development agency in Seattle. He is a leading management consultant in the areas of brand strategy and revenue growth for agencies, SaaS, and technology companies. Shane will be advising PrograMetrix with branding, marketing, and growth strategies.

Bert Sugayan – Bert is the founder and a principal of Free Vector Advisors, a business and legal services firm that supports promising start-up enterprises. Bert is an accomplished business executive and lawyer with extensive legal and business experience in the technology, digital media, and professional service industries. Bert assists clients with business formation, business strategy, and assists clients through mergers and acquisitions. Bert will advise PrograMetrix on strategic business planning and operations.

Daren Nitz – Daren is a principal at Free Vector Advisors. Daren brings almost 30 years’ experience representing emerging and established businesses as outside general counsel. He also counsels clients in private equity, debt and convertible securities offerings, as well as a wide variety of corporate matters, including venture formation, corporate governance, and mergers and acquisitions. Daren will provide general outside counsel for PrograMetrix.

We are thrilled to forge a passionate advisory board that will mentor our management team in all parts of our business. Our advisors have worked for or alongside successful advertising agencies and knows what it takes to build and scale a talented team of digital experts who consistently deliver exceptional experiences for clients.

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Our advisors are very encouraged by our accelerated growth and positioning in the marketplace as a highly specialized programmatic agency:

“At a time in which “full-service” agencies have been commoditized and modern marketers turn to specialty providers, I’m very confident that PrograMetrix will be able to sustain its aggressive growth through their programmatic expertise and high-touch service. Programmatic is one of the fastest growing channels in digital marketing, and PrograMetrix will continue to be ahead of the curve as it prepares for emerging capabilities like programmatic out-of-home and voice enabled advertising,” said Shane Hunt.

Lacie Edgeman offered perspective on the strength of our business model by saying “I am very encouraged by the efficiency of the agency and how lean it operates. The agility of PrograMetrix separates them from other agencies because they are able to make more informed optimizations to their clients’ campaigns, which helps deliver better results. The management team reinvests profits to strategically grow the business and to acquire more talent. Brands and agencies are confident giving business to this skilled team because they know PrograMetrix is here to stay and well positioned for future growth within the programmatic advertising industry.”

If you have any questions about our Advisory Board, the programmatic services we provide to brands and agencies, or if you would like us to take your programmatic campaigns to the next level, feel free to contact us.

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Phil Parrish is a Co-founder and Managing Director at PrograMetrix.

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