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PrograMetrix Ad Tech Review: The Trade Desk

Market Leading Demand-Side Platform Enhancements

Programmatic Ad Tech: The Trade Desk Review (PrograMetrix)

When we founded PrograMetrix, it was essential to evaluate the best programmatic technology the industry had to offer. At the time, we assessed nearly 20 DSPs and quickly realized that there was one platform the stood out from the rest: The Trade Desk. As the most popular technology industry analogy goes, they are the Ferrari and we are the seasoned race car driver.

In the last few years, they have gone public, seen an unprecedented increase in stock price for a publicly traded ad tech company, and taken their platform capabilities to another level. Just this summer, The Trade Desk released their most anticipated “Next Wave” of platform updates with some incredible new features that will undoubtedly increase agency output and drive better performance for our clients.

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Here are a few highlights from the most recent The Trade Desk platform updates:

  • Koa™ is powerful AI that improves advertisers’ decisioning and accelerates campaign performance. Koa’s robust and transparent forecasting engine is built on The Trade Desk’s valuable data set – including nearly nine million queries every second – to help buyers extend audience reach and spend more efficiently.
  • The Trade Desk Planner is a data-driven media planning tool that delivers audience insights and informs ad strategies across channels and devices.
  • Megagon™ is an intuitive new user interface that proactively surfaces tailored insights and offers Koa Recommendations to help advertisers make real-time optimization decisions. Megagon helps buyers save time and advertising budget without sacrificing transparency and control.

So, what does this mean for PrograMetrix clients?

Koa is the machine behind the algorithmic targeting and optimization features in the platform. No single media analyst can optimize campaigns every minute throughout the day, so we rely on machine learning to adjust campaigns in real-time to constantly improve campaign performance for our clients. Efficiency is the key to programmatic and you can be assured that your dollars will be spent in the right channels and on the right tactics with Koa AI.

The Trade Desk Planner uses first- and third-party data to build granular programmatic media recommendations across 20+ attributes before you even launch a campaign. No longer should your ad agency give you the common response of, “We need two to three weeks to evaluate data before making any optimizations.” Planner provides recommendations on budget allocation, optimal media mix between awareness, consideration and direct response tactics, third-party segments most relevant to your first-party audience, device type, operating system, browser recommendations, and more.

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Megagon allows PrograMetrix to more seamlessly manage campaigns and streamline the internal optimization process, ensuring that our media analysts are always focused on the most important optimizations that drive bottom-line results. One key new feature within the Megagon UI includes an automated Remaining Addressable Market (RAM) calculation that helps our team forecast remaining ad space we can purchase for our clients using the same audience targeting criteria while driving the same level of campaign performance.

Another new algorithmic based calculation is a measurement of bid “expressiveness” within the Megagon UI. Our team uses the expressiveness measurement to bid more precisely on impressions in real time, which can improve CPM cost efficiency and scale. Even with all the new bells and whistles featured in the Megagon UI, The Trade Desk has made the programmatic media planning and buying process more seamless for their partners.

Our team of media analysts has learned how to leverage the most complex new features that The Trade Desk has released to improve campaign performance for our clients. With all of the new advancements in The Trade Desk technology, we are as bullish as ever on programmatic advertising and the importance of using industry leading software to drive digital media campaign performance. Most direct brands don’t have the internal bandwidth and most ad agencies don’t have the specific programmatic ad tech experience to effectively utilize software like The Trade Desk. Find a partner that can do both.

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Chris Shreeve is a co-founder and VP of business development at PrograMetrix.

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