Cannabis Data Management & Audience Targeting

Use POS, CRM & Mobile Data to Target Cannabis & CBD Consumers

In 2019, eMarketer believes the increase in digital advertising spend in cannabis & CBD advertising is projected to be at least two times that of 2018. As the industry begins to lean towards national cannabis legalization, more brands will surface in more states and the investment in advertising will continue to climb. Alongside that influx in new media dollars will be a giant increase in the data that will be available to advertisers for better audience targeting.

Industry leading publications and apps like Weedmaps, Leafly, HIGHTIMES, and Eaze have begun to monetize their audiences for online targeting. Mainstream data providers have started to catalog mobile devices who have recently been to stores that sell CBD products. With new access to data and targeting capabilities, it is crucial that cannabis and CBD brands have an agency partner who has expertise executing and optimizing digital campaigns to known cannabis and CBD consumers.

At PrograMetrix, we provide exclusive access to a Cannabis Data Management Platform that collects consumer shopping data from POS, CRM, and location-based mobile devices that then organizes this data into targetable audience segments for digital advertising. Whether you are a cannabis, CBD, hemp, or ancillary brand, PrograMetrix can help you reach the right audience and exceed your digital advertising goals.

PrograMetrix Capabilities

Access a Cannabis Data Management Platform to develop targetable cannabis audience segments

Programmatic advertising RTB agency specialists

First-party Audience Targeting

Retarget your website visitors to increase brand recall & target your loyalty members through CRM targeting to increase repeat customers

Target your programmatic ads to custom audience segments

Third-party Audience Targeting

Reach new cannabis & CBD consumers through industry leading data partners to increase awareness, website traffic & conversions on your website

Omnichannel programmatic media reporting dashboard

Data Optimization Strategies

We optimize to top performing audience segments to efficiently spend your digital media dollars on high value customers who are most likely to purchase

Our Technology Stack

SafeReach is a cannabis and hemp friendly programmatic advertising platform
LiveRamp is the leading provider of CRM data onboarding technology
Pushspring is the leader in mobile app targeting technology & builds custom CBD and Cannabis consumer audiences for targeting
Take programmatic advertising to the next level with The Trade Desk DSP platform
Factual is the leading provider of mobile geofence and location-based targeting

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