eBook: Finding & Working With a Programmatic Ad Agency

Finding & Working With a Programmatic Advertising Agency

Programmatic advertising is perhaps the most efficient, cost-effective, customizable, and data-driven method of buying paid media. It has become the new normal in digital advertising in a few short years— so quickly, in fact, that many people still don’t understand exactly what it is or why they would work with a programmatic agency. Our eBook is here to answer those questions. 

In theory, there’s such a thing as a perfect ad campaign. It would show your ads exclusively to buyers with the highest statistical chance of conversion no matter where they were in the world, targeting each of them at the precise moment they’re likeliest to buy with the ad creative most likely to resonate. In practice, perfection is impossible, but programmatic advertising is designed to get your campaign as close to perfection as the current state of technology and ad buying best practices will allow.  

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