eBook: Programmatic Agency Partnership Overview

How to Add Programmatic as a New Revenue Stream for Your Agency

As programmatic advertising specialists who partner with a wide variety of traditional, digital, and boutique agencies, we've created a complete overview of how we partner with these agencies to offer programmatic advertising as a service to their clients.


Whether you're looking for a partner behind the scenes or for someone to take on direct client referrals, our eBook covers everything you need to know about working with a programmatic partner like PrograMetrix, including:

  • How to add programmatic advertising as a new revenue stream for your agency
  • Our fully integrated ad tech stack, targeting options, and campaign management services
  • White-labeled reporting dashboard capabilities available for you clients' campaigns
  • Our experience supporting a wide variety of agency partners, including testimonials and example case studies
  • An overview of our onboarding process and timeline
  • Flexible pricing options for agency partners