White Paper: Digital Advertising for Cannabis & CBD

Cannabis & CBD Digital Marketing White Paper

Our white paper provides everything cannabis and CBD brands need to know about their current digital marketing and advertising options. Click to download the paper below.

Since the first states voted to legalize recreational cannabis for adult use in 2012, the cannabis industry has experienced breakneck evolution as laws, norms, and consumer awareness evolve in real time. Today, cannabis and CBD professionals have more avenues available for advertising their products than ever before, particularly in the digital realm. The only problem is this: Most brands don’t know it yet.

Our white paper seeks to change that, providing a complete overview of the current digital advertising landscape for cannabis and CBD, including information on the channels and technologies available for cannabis and CBD ads, a step-by-step guide to creating a digital marketing plan, and a list of cannabis advertising compliance guidelines by state.


Imagine being able to show ads for your dispensary to any cannabis shopper who visited your competitor’s store in the last three months. Or get your audio ads heard on Spotify by yoga enthusiasts living in a certain zip code. Or target your B2B campaign at in-state business owners most similar to the contacts in your CRM. Sound like marketing superpowers? These are actually things you can already do with programmatic advertising technology. 

White Paper Excerpt

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