Compliant Ad Design & Development Services for Cannabis & CBD Brands

Amplify Ad Performance with Compelling & Compliant Digital Ads

To maximize digital advertising ROI, cannabis, CBD, and hemp brands need to develop engaging digital creative while targeting ads to known cannabis and CBD consumers. Furthermore, all cannabis and CBD brands need to stay up to speed with changing advertising guidelines to ensure full ad compliance with local and national regulations. For most brands, the development of compelling and compliant digital ads is a real challenge.

Our talented team of designers can help you build effective digital ads while ensuring full compliance with advertising regulations. With data-driven and market tested creative strategies, our team can help you improve your brand image, awareness, and engagement metrics while measuring ad performance. Most importantly, our creative team can help you avoid “stoner slang” in favor of wellness and lifestyle brand messaging that will help you appeal to a larger audience while elevating your brand reputation.

Cannabis Compliant Ad Design & Development Services

Build compelling digital ads that improve ad performance while ensuring full compliance

Dynamic creative optimization helps improve ROI

Cannabis & CBD Compliant Ad Design

Our designers stay up to date with local and national advertising regulations in order to guide compliant branding, messaging, and landing page strategies

Target your programmatic ads to custom audience segments

Cannabis & CBD Ad Development

Develop and test multiple ad sizes and formats across programmatic, paid social, paid search, and native advertising channels while personalizing your messaging to custom audiences

Omnichannel programmatic media reporting dashboard

Creative Optimization & Measurement

For e-commerce CBD brands, leverage industry-leading dynamic technology to incorporate first-party data while optimizing ads in real-time

Our Technology Stack

Flashtalking is the industry leader in programmatic creative and DCO software
Sizmek is an ad tech leader with advanced contextual targeting capabilities
Thunder provides powerful programmatic creative and DCO software
Adacado provides powerful programmatic creative and DCO software
LiveRamp is the leading provider of CRM data onboarding technology

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